Arraial do Cabo: Tourism on the coast of Rio de Janeiro

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Located on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Arraial do Cabo is a city that attracts tourists from all over the world because of its beautiful beaches. The city is the ideal place for scuba diving and for those seeking to explore ecotourism destination. This is a paradise in the middle of the country .

Praia Brava in Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo Attractions

Arraial do Cabo is known as the “dive capital” , because of the long white beaches of transparent waters and sand, which make its coast in one of the most conducive to diving Brazilian locations. The city has a large number of beaches and other attractions for those who enjoy ecotourism:

Prainha – The beach is accessible for those who are driving. Prainha is the first beach that tourists are entering in Arraial do Cabo. In the late afternoon, many tourists return to this beach contemplating the sunset sun.

Sunset in Arraial do Cabo

Praia dos Anjos – Praia dos Anjos is also accessible for those who are driving. It has a good infrastructure and great restaurants.

Praia Grande – Another beach where you can arrive by car. The beach has a few kiosks, ideal for those who want to have a beer (or juice) and eat some snacks. The nearest sandy beach is called Flavia Alessandra, named after the actress who was born there.

Praia do Forno – The Praia do Forno can be achieved only by trail (about 10 minutes from the center of Arraial do Cabo) or boat.

Praia Brava – The beach also can be reached only by trail (about 15 minutes from the center of Arraial do Cabo) or boat.

Praia do Farol – The Praia do Farol can only be accessed by boat. This beach is mandatory for those who want to go diving in Arraial do Cabo!

Prainhas do Atalaia – Accessible by car or boat.

Pontal – One of the highest points in Arraial do Cabo, offering a set of best sunsets.

Restinga de Massambaba – A sandbank Massambaba, little known, is a restricted area in Arraial do Cabo, where are found the most exotic orchids in the world.

Passeios de barco – The boat trips are well worth it. The Arraialtur or Don Juan offer boat rides 4 hours for R$40 / person.

Boat trip in Arraial do Cabo

The city has a number of tour companies that offer boating, diving equipment (cylinder, snorkel, etc) and guides.

Where to stay in Arraial do Cabo

The city offers a lot of hotels and hostels for everyone and especially for all pockets.

Very highly recommended is the Estalagem do Coral . The hostel is located at the entrance of Arraial do Cabo and is a 3 minute walk from the beach. It features simple rooms but clean and also offers a great breakfast. The hostel also rents boating and diving equipment.

Best time to visit Arraial do Cabo

The city can be visited all year round . The climate of Arraial do Cabo is coastal tropical, with average temperature summer reaching 34°C and the minimum during the months of Winter 10°C. Camp of the cable is a city with little incidence of rain, which is great for a seaside town.

Praia Grande in Arraial do Cabo

Getting in Arraial do Cabo

The town is only 120 km from the state capital, Rio de Janeiro. Visitors to the city by air must travel to the closest airport, located in Cabo Frio , 8 km from Arraial do Cabo.

Arriving in Arraial do Cabo

Source and photos

Special thanks : Ricardo Couto

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