Discover the famous Campos do Jordão, Brazil

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If you want to visit a city with a tipically tempered climate but that is located in the tropics then you should visit Campos do Jordão in the brazilian state of São Paulo. It is located more or less in between 3 well known capitals of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Campos do Jordão is easy to reach over the highways that connect these cities. As a result, many people visit Campos do Jordão which makes tourism the main economical activity of the city. In the high season, more than a million people visit this fascinating city which is locally known as the Brazilian Switzerland. The city has numerous inns known as “pousadas” in the Portuguese language and what is considered a first world infrastructure.

City at night

City at night

Why Campos do Jordão?

The city is located about 1800 meters (approx. 6000 feet) above sea level which and with its moderate climate it can be visited all year long. The “pousadas” are open the whole year and for many Brazilians it is a great place to escape the brazilian hot climate (at lower altitudes) and imagine them selves in a city in Europe.

Campos do Jordão is located in a mountain range named the “Serra da Mantigueira” and the fauna consist mostly of pines, cascades, flowers, typical of European regions. In a “pousada” in Campos do Jordão you can have a great vacation, different from the typical Brazilian vacation, without even leaving Brazil.

The fresh climate of the summer makes Campos a great place to stay in the months of december to march, which are the summer months as it is located south of the equator. With temperatures ranging from 18 C to 28 C (64 F to 82 F) Campos is a great escape from the summer heat at lower altitudes.

When searching for a more romantic atmosphere, the autumn is a great season to visit Campos do Jordão. The local flora and fauna create lots of different tones of colors which are unlike the lower regions of Brazil. For Brazilians it is even a special treat to see the leaves of the trees all over the city on the ground: A great atmosphere for a romantic walk.

Best time to go to Campos do Jordão?

For most Brazilians, the winter time is actually the nicest season to visit Campos do Jordão. Especially because the temperatures in Campos during winter can reach to below freezing, which is a very rare event in any other region in Brazil. Consider that Campos do Jordão is as far south as Cuba is north you can imagine that freezing temperatures are an attraction in Brazil. Also many festivals are organized in this time of year and many celebrities visit the city, both to take a vacation and to perform.

The spring time brings beautiful surprises to the visitors. The European vegetation shows itself full during this season. Lots of colors, typical to more temperate regions. The city transforms it self unlike any other city in Brazil and again this is a great reason to stay in one the many “pousadas” in Campos do Jordão.


Images: Mundo das Tribos

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