Getting to Los Roques by plane

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The Los Roques Archipelago is a group of islands which belongs to Venezuela, and is one of the main tourist attractions of the country.
The archipelago has an estimated surface of 40km² and is about 176km north of Caracas.
There are over than 2,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​approximately 221,120 acres and is considered the largest marine park in Latin America.

Beautiful beach in Los Roques

Weather and Geography of Los Roques

Los Roques has an atoll structure, uncommon in the Caribbean, but typical of the Pacific Ocean.
The weather is hot and dry, with an average annual temperature of 27 ° C.
From July to August the temperature can reach a maximum of 34 º C.
From September to January there are occasional tropical rain, with a relative humidity of 83% annually.

Village of Gran Roque

The village of Gran Roque is the main town of the archipelago.
This is a small town that consists of sandy streets, and a National Guard checkpoint, a small stage, a primary school and a Catholic church.
The airport is located at the edge of the sea, a few meters from the beach, is separated from the village by a Laguna located to the east and north of the town.

Village of Gran Roque

Tourism in Los Roques

Tourist Activities has had a peek in recent years, stimulated by its white sandy beaches, recreational sailing, bird watching and walking tours.
Inparques, the state agency responsible for the care and management of the national park of Venezuela, has designated several places to camp.
Other tourist attractions are the celebration of the Virgin of the Valley annually in the second week of September, and the Lobster Festival in November, when the fishing season begins.

Demographics of Los Roques

The population of Los Roques is focused primarily on the island of Gran Roque. According to the Venezuelan census of 2001 counted 1,209 inhabitants, in 2008 it is estimated that the number of inhabitants exceeds 2000.
Its growth is seen limited because of the restrictions implied declaratory as a national park in the 70s.
The majority of the population is margaritenho origin who came to the islands mainly engage in fishing since the early twentieth century and the presence of small groups of foreigners (mostly Italian).

Landscape in Los Roques


You can reach the islands since Venezuela, using basically 2 ways: by air and sea.
By air from Caracas, Maracay and Porlamar by the following airlines:
– From Caracas: Albatros Airlines, Chapi Air, Línea Turística Aereotuy, Rainbow International Airlines and Sasca Airlines.
– From Maracay Albatros Airlines.
– From Porlamar: Línea Turística Aereotuy, Rainbow International Airlines and Sasca Airlines.

Flights to Los Roques

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