Getting to Easter Island by plane

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Getting to Easter Island by PlaneThe Easter Island is an island in eastern Polynesia, located in the South Pacific Ocean or better known to be located at the navel of the world.

It is located 3700 km away from the west coast of Chile, at the Chilean province of Easter Island.

Its population is around 4000 inhabitants, most of whom live in the capital Hanga Roa.

History and culture

Getting to Easter Island by PlaneEaster Island is famous for its huge stone statues, known as Moai. These statues represent not only the culture of the people who lived there but also part of their beliefs.

There are about 900 statues, all carved from volcanic stones, which can reach over 20 feet tall and weigh tens of tons.

The preservation of the statues is regulated by the government and vandalism is suitably punished: In 2008, a Finnish tourist chipped a piece of the ear of one moai. The tourist was fined $ 17,000 for damages and was banished from the island for three years.

Getting to the island by plane

The island is very isolated from the mainland. Flights departing from Santiago may take about 5 hours.

The only airline that operates flights departing from South America to Easter Island for the moment is LAN Airlines.
Flights weekly or even more frequently can be found departing from Lima and Santiago to Hanga Roa.

The visa to enter Chile is the same to everyone which wants to visit the island.
It is important any case to pay attention to all the restrictions for tourists to this destination.

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