Hot Skiing Spots In Chile

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Chile has become a favored destination for skiing enthusiasts the world over. One very popular place to ski is in Santiago.

Skiing in Santiago

There are several resorts that the tourist will find enjoyable in this area of Chile. Several of them are located within hours of Santiago, in the heart of the Andes Mountains. It’s important to make your travel plans and reservations well in advance because with the ever increasing popularity of this region, more and more people are discovering its charm.

One area that has becoming a booming center for skiing in Chile is Valle Nevado. This is a couple of hours drive from Santiago and is suited for both the experienced and novice skier. Many people who live in Chile consider Valle Nevado to be the ski destination. They simply refuse to ski anywhere else in the world.

Skiing in Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado is considered an ideal skiing retreat for families because of the variety of available runs. There are beginner runs which are perfect for small children who are getting their first taste of skis. With friendly and educated instructors available, parents can feel very comfortable knowing that their child is going to not only get a primer in all of the basics of skiing but also get a chance to ski down a few of the easy runs.

Trails in Valle Nevado

Those with a bit more experience will welcome both the intermediate and expert runs that are found in Valle Nevado. The chair lifts are considered some of the most efficient and comfortable in the world. When people go to ski in Valle Nevado they may just fall in love with the area.

Skiing in Portillo

Another destination that people who live in Chile and tourists alike enjoy is Portillo. Portillo is actually just an area not a city. It’s much smaller than Valle Nevado but the conditions are incomparable. You need to book your travel to Portillo early due to the fact that the area only hosts one hotel.

You may be concerned that with only one hotel your vacation experience in Portillo will be compromised. However, it should be viewed as a cruise ship for skiers. The hotel can house up to 450 guests with one employee per guest. This means very accommodating staff who are there to answer your every call and concern. With the limited number of skiers in the area the wait for a chair lift is very rare.

Ski trails in Portillo

One of the unique aspects of Portillo that sets it apart from other ski areas in Chile is the ski school. The school in Portillo has been in operation for over five decades and boasts many notable past students including several Olympic athletes. This is really an ideal location for people who want an unique skiing adventure.

If you are looking for a less expensive ski experience in Chile there are many other choices available for you. You can plan either a day trip or an overnight stay at many of the local ski areas.


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