How much did it cost to follow each national team during the Worldcup

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The world cup 2014 was one of the most important sporting event ever held in Brazil. Unlike previous cups, this cup was the first one to provide twelve host cities, all scattered in five regions of Brazil.

For those who wanted to watch all of the games of his national team, the easiest way to travel around the host cities was using air transport. All host cities have airport with direct connections offered by various companies.

The cost of tickets for the World Cup has increased significantly. Based on this increase, we decided to identify how much it cost to follow each national team during the Worldcup.

The result has brought some surprises.
For example, to follow countries that have not passed the first stage, as Croatia was more expensive than Argentina, which played the final game.

What we also identified is that those packets flights offered by some airlines are not always advantageous, it is more worthwhile search and buy flights separately.

We did a survey based on the selection of each game and the result below we take as a basis the lowest price. The offset of the first game was disregarded because not all fans run the same city.

We got the following result:

10 more expensive national teams - PingoFly

Interesting to see Switzerland in the top 4, it was a team that did not come in the quarter-finals. Even so, the Swiss fans had to shell out over R$1400 in order to follow their national team. This is higher than the fans who followed the German national team (runners).

Also very interesting is Argentina. As a finalist team has more games, is expected to see this team on the top of the list, not the bottom. The reason is clear: flights to northeast and north regions from Brazil are expensive and Argentina did not play in these regions.

Croatia who only had three games appearing in fifth place on the list shows that the idea of ​​12 seats or the definition of host cities did not favor the fans of some teams.

10 cheaper national teams - PingoFly

To get a more fair result, we decided to compare the teams which had the same number of games (seven).

This time we have two types of rankings:
– Fans leaving the city of São Paulo
– Fans leaving the city of Rio de Janeiro
See below in detail how much it cost.

Supporters partino São Paulo - PingoFly

Supporters partino of Rio de Janeiro - PingoFly

Well, besides losing the Cup, brazilian fans who followed the team in all games also spent a lot of money! Advantage for the Argentine in Brazil.

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